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STEP-1-2-3-CERTIFIED Ecodriving education

All drivers will benefit from ecodriving training, it saves fuel, money and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Eco2Trainer courses are conducted in a classroom with one teacher and several drivers, this generates a very cost-effective training. Eco2Trainer consists of a computer with a steering wheel, shifter and pedals. Theory is combined with practical exercises. All drivers are followed individually, making it possible to compare the results and follow the development of them individually. Eco2Trainer is structured as a challenge to get the driver to strive for improvement. Everyone goes through the training step by step, at their own pace. The drivers also get the chance to show what they have learned by competing against each other. Since the exercises in Eco2Trainer always take place under the same conditions everyone can compete against each other in fun and motivating competitions. Eco2Trainer is fully approved by the Swedish Administration (Trafikverket) and passes all of the requirements of ecodriving training, steps 1, 2 and 3. Read more at: sparcoach.se

Training structure

Step 1- Measurement of actual fuel consumption before the training begins. Each driver is given a user account to Eco2Trainers fuel log. Step 2- Web-Based Theory (eLearning). Each driver can decide when to do the theory. The theory ends with a test to ensure that everyone is prepared for the next step. Step 3- Practical driving in Eco2Trainer. Here the drivers practice in a simulator environment and learn how to act in different traffic situations. The training will be conducted by experienced teachers. Training can take place at any location and at any time. Step 4- After completion of the training, all participants receive a certificate. Then, they continue the measurement of the fuel consumption. At this stage competitions are usually used to increase motivation. Step 5- After the training, it is possible to rent equipment for regular follow-up courses.

Why Eco2Trainer?

• Achieve environmental objectives • Cost efficient • Classroom training • Fun and motivating  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZHVl7sE0gg


  “We chose the Eco2Trainer because it provides an effective interactive training for economical driving. The tool is very pedagogically structured and provides a highly realistic sensation in the various driving exercises and its conditions. We therefore took the decision to use the Eco2Trainer during the transport training for all of Sweden’s energy and climate advisers. “

Roger Gunnarsson – Project Manager at the Energy Agency Sydost

“Because you get statistics directly and you can compare it, it becomes very clear that efficient driving is climate smart and actually faster “

Jimmy Rudemyr – Energy and climate adviser of Upplands-Väsby municipality