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The Concept

Eco2Trainer takes ecodriving training in to the classroom.

Thanks to the Eco2Trainer, one teacher can now educate several drivers simultaneously. But still get as good or even better results than when training is conducted in vehicle!

Reduce your fuel consumption

All drivers profit from driving more efficient. Ecodriving will give you an opportunity to significantly reduce costs, starting directly after training!

For all sorts of vehicles

It doesn’t matter if you drive a bus, truck, van or car. Eco2Trainer come in various designs, tailored to the type of situations each driver faces.

Innovative concept – computer instead of car

The heart of Eco2Trainer is a computer with steering wheel, gearbox and pedals. The theory is web based and all driving takes place in the Eco2Trainer. All drivers will have their own account, making it possible to compare results and monitor the progress.

Pedagogy – The core of learning

The Eco2Trainer makes the participant strive for improvement. Each exercise has been constructed with a modern pedagogical approach. The driver gradually goes through the training and the training progress is measured and documented. The driver is given an EcoScore, based on their skills. The Eco2Trainer takes full advantage of the classroom training opportunities, this has multiple benefits for both the teacher and the drivers.

Serious gaming – Competition as an incentive for learning

The Eco2Trainer uses the serious gaming techniques to increase motivation and learning. Basically this is done by using the same elements that makes people continue to play videogames. Increasing difficulty level of the exercises, rewards for the appropriate behavior and above all, the ability to compete with other people. This is based on simple psychology, human beings are considered competitive, all participants can compete against each other and are thereby encouraged to increase their performance.

Eco2trainer – a complete ecodriving concept

Eco2Trainer is a complete training concept with both theory and practical driving training. We also offer a web-based fuel consumptions journal that helps the drivers to follow their improvements. It is preferable to combine the training with a long-term monitoring of fuel consumption. This holistic approach provides better results and more satisfied customers.