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Ecodriving for CPC training

According to EU Directive 2003:59 all professional drivers in Europe need to undergo a CPC certificate training.

Eco2Trainer is the tool that makes it easy and inexpensive to train drivers effectively. All drivers benefit from driving more Ecofriendly. But obviously the effects are more noticeable for professional drivers. For a professional driver the pay back for an ecodriving course is less than a month. Eco2Trainer consists of a computer with a steering wheel, shifter and pedals. Theory is combined with practical exercises. All drivers are followed individually, making it possible to compare the results and follow the development of them individually. Eco2Trainer is structured as a challenge to get the driver to strive for improvement. Everyone goes through the training step by step, at their own pace. The drivers also get the chance to show what they have learned by competing against each other. Since the exercises in Eco2Trainer always take place under the same conditions everyone can compete against each other. (In Sweden and many other countries practical driving in CPC Training is not mandatory. However, many haulage companies want driver training since it provides a financial gain).

Training structure

Since different countries apply the rules in different ways, there is a number of ways to conduct this type of training. Hence, our partners have different approaches on how to conduct CPC training. Contact us for further information.


“I can confirm that you learn a lot in a short time with Eco2Trainer. Of the drivers who conducted the training here at Veolia Transport in Eskilstuna, about 85% of them think that it was a very good education. During the coffee breaks the drivers even sat and discussed driving techniques and compared Ecoscore!”

Tomas Blomkvist – Training coach, Veolia Transport AB

“It was a new experience, kind of strange, but very useful. I can see that I already have transferred the driving style of the Eco2Trainer to the way I drive my own car.”

Brigt Helgeland – Operational HMS Manager, Statoil Norway AS